What is the Sargent Road Association?

THE MISSION OF THE SARGENT ROAD ASSOCIATION is to foster the general improvement within our defined geographic area of Marion County, Indiana.  The general areas of the Sargent Road Association are around Sargent Road between 96th Street and Fall Creek Road in northeastern Marion County, Indiana.  This organization shall do everything necessary and proper in the interest of the health, safety, and welfare of the Community, including the discharge of community and civic responsibilities essential to preserve the beauty of the environment and ensure that it shall continue to be an outstanding area in which to live.  The objectives of this organization shall extend to the assistance of residents in other nearby areas with common objectives.  The Sargent Road Association strives to ensure that the Mud Creek Valley shall continue to be an outstanding area in which to live.


Read the Bylaws of the Sargent Road Association.

Learn about our sister organization, Mud Creek Conservancy.


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