Greycoat Farm Estates Update

January 22nd, 2017

Updated: 6/6/2018


The rezoning petition has been withdrawn!


Updated: 11/27/2017


The Sargent Road Association board has been in contact with the lawyer representing the Grey Coat Farms property owner. They are moving to delay the zone appeal hearing by one year to December 2018 due to the 82nd Rd construction/road widening project issues regarding the IPL powerlines. As soon as we have information on a new hearing date, we will post a new announcement here.


Updated: 07/03/2017


Sargent Road Association is still closely monitoring the proposed Greycoat Farm Estates development on 82nd Street.  Our appeal is still in process and is currently scheduled for Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 1pm at the City County Building.


New plans have been proposed for the development allowing for a degree of protection for trees and slightly less impervious area but still has a density of almost 2 homes/acre – twice that of current zoning standards.


Updated: 05/30/2017


Though we did not prevail at the initial zoning hearing of February 23rd, we have filed an appeal.  The appeal hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 1pm at the City County Building.  Please mark your calendars!


Updated: 02/14/2017


Greycoat Farm Estates - Rezoning Hearing Attendance


            February 23, 2017 1:00pm


In an effort to ensure that we have as many people as possible show up in opposition to the Greycoat Farm rezoning hearing on 02/23, an Eventbrite RSVP system has been created. Please kindly RSVP for the hearing to let us know you're coming by clicking the "Register" button on the Eventbrite page:


Zoning Board Hearing Greycoat Farms Development Tickets


Updated: 02/06/2017


2nd Community Education and Input Meeting (facilitated by SRA) will be held on:


             Monday, February 13th at 6-8PM

            Community Room / Lawrence Library / 7898 Hague Road


Updated: 01/27/2017


Zoning hearing was officially continued until February 23, 2017.  ALL are encourage to attend – your presence at the Hearing will make a difference!


Staff Report of Zoning board as of 01-26-2017


Updated:  01/23/2017

Zoning Hearing scheduled for 1/26/2017 has been continued – new date for hearing has NOT yet been confirmed.


Community Education and Input Meeting (facilitated by SRA) will be held on:


            Wednesday, February 1st at 6-8PM

            Community Room / Lawrence Library / 7898 Hague Road


This will provide an opportunity to organize and align our strategy of opposition.


See development plans as provided by attorney of developer.


Updated:  01/10/2017

Metropolitan Development Commission (MDC), Division of Planning, Petition Case no. 2016-



Site is 7.41 acres, mostly cleared pasture


Petitioner (owner of property) desires to develop the property into individual residential homes.

He requests that the MDC increase the density from D-1 (one home/acre) to D-2 (two homes/



President of Sargent Road Association (SRA) wrote a letter, dated 6/5/2016 to the owner of the

property explaining the process he must follow to seek approval through the division of Planning

of MDC. No reply.


SRA is in communication with the planner working on this case, and with the petitioner’s attorney.

Hearing date on the zoning change request was originally set for December 29, 2016. An

automatic continuance was filed by petitioner so he could prepare a site plan and establish

installation of sewer and water infrastructure. The new hearing date has been set for January 26, 2017, City County Building, 200 E. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204. There are several cases scheduled to be heard that day, between the hours of 1:00pm and 4:00pm. We will not know the precise time of this case until we arrive.


At the hearing: the Petitioner is allowed 15 minutes to present his request. SRA President, John

Lindstaedt, will then have 15 minutes to respond. SRA has invited our area’s City County

counselor, Michael McQuillen, to speak. Staff of the Division of Planning will then be asked for

their assessment of the proposed development and zoning change request for increased density. Finally, a vote will be cast by the Metropolitan Development Commission.


All interested parties are encouraged to attend the hearing. They will be asked to stand in

common opposition to the zoning change request to 2 homes-per-acre. Their presence is

influential in the vote by the commission. The SRA membership, Mud Creek Conservancy

members, abutting property owners, and concerned neighbors will be invited and encouraged to

attend the hearing.


For more information, please call John Lindstaedt, President of SRA, 317-410-2077.