Road Safety

Information and City Liaison: Suzanne Nutt


Historic Sargent Road and its accesses and neighboring streets are known regionally for their picturesque natural beauty.  Maintaining this requires constant monitoring and attention to issues that inevitably arise.



Current Issues:


Sponsored Traffic Officer Patrols (S.T.O.P.)*.  In addition to advocating for proper upkeep and improvements, the Sargent Road Association Road Safety Group contracts a private police service.  Many safety issues are addressed which include policing powers (ticketing, etc) and is intended to encourage respect for posted traffic rules including STOP signs and 30 MPH SPEED LIMIT.


82nd St improvement:  the final phase has begun!   The one way traffic restriction (west only Fall Creek to Lantern Road) began Monday, May 21st.  That date marks the beginning of the end for the project which is contracted to be complete within 180 days!  The eastbound limitation was scheduled to last 3 weeks (to June 11) but obviously continues.  If/when we get updates, we will post them.


Sargent Road roadside brush: SRA has requested priority attention from the city to cut back brush during this time of increased traffic related to 82nd St construction.


Sargent Road Signage:  SRA has requested increased notification of posted Speed Limits to support our private pay patrols.


Potholes continue to affect drivers.  SRA appreciates the recent patches provided by the city (many of which had to be re-done after late season freezing weather).



History of success:


During recent years, the Sargent Road neighborhood community has successfully lobbied for and, with proactive support from City-County Counselor, Indianapolis Department of Public Works and cooperation from the "Rebuild Indy" campaign, seen numerous roadway infrastructure improvements.  Sargent Road was finally repaved for the first time in over 25 years, along with centerline embedded reflectors, drainage improvements, new signage, and improved driving visibility.  All this makes Sargent Road and the Mud Creek Valley safer and better.



What you can do:


Local property owners can help (and it is each of our responsibility) to clear the remaining debris along the roadside, such as deadwood, limbs, or branches that extend even slightly into the street which could possibly scratch passing vehicles.  Please be vigilant about keeping foliage low and/or clear of the roadway for safety and better visibility for motorists.



*The local government does not have funds for this type of patrolling.  The SRA's general membership dues help fund this program and members approved a doubling of the budget for these patrols for this year (2018).  However, additional money is needed and 100% of directed donations are applied to this program.  Help fund the S.T.O.P. program by sponsoring here:


Hours of Sponsored Traffic Officer Patrols