Road Safety

Information and City Liaison: Betsy Brunette (Email:


The Road Safety Group of Service monitors and reports on area road conservation projects and initiates actions when potential safety issues arise.  Many safety issues are addressed by increasing driver awareness of the 30 MPH speed limit along Sargent Road.


During recent years, the Sargent Road neighborhood community has successfully lobbied for and, with proactive support from City-County Counselor, Indianapolis Department of Public Works and cooperation from the "Rebuild Indy" campaign, seen numerous roadway infrastructure improvements.  Sargent Road was finally repaved for the first time in over 25 years, along with centerline embedded reflectors, drainage improvements, new signage, and improved driving visibility.  All this makes Sargent Road and the Mud Creek Valley safer and better.


It is our responsibility as good citizens and neighbors to clear the remaining debris along the roadside, such as deadwood, limbs, or branches that extend even slightly into the street which could possibly scratch passing vehicles.  Please be vigilant about keeping foliage low and/or clear of the roadway for safety and better visibility for motorists.


Recent Accomplishments

  • Resurfacing of Sargent Road
  • Periodic speed-monitoring police patrols
  • DPW has conducted a review on the condition and placement of traffic signs on Sargent Road.
  • Driving visibility improvements along Sargent Road by cutting back overgrowth.