Our Groups of Service

 Sargent Road Association has several Groups of Service, focusing on
important aspects of community improvement. We welcome your participation!



The Land Use Group of Service monitors proposed development in the SRA area to promote responsible planning as designated by the city of Indianapolis and Lawrence Township.


litter busters

You may have seen your neighbors out contributing their time to maintain the beauty of the Mud Creek Valley litter free.  At 3.7 miles, we have the longest Adopt-A-Block in the city and also service the cross streets of Fall Creek Parkway, 75th, 82nd, 86th, and 96th Street!   Litter Busters is made up entirely of local Sargent Road Association members - join us!


Road Safety

Preserving the public safety, maintaining the roads, and encouraging respect for our roadway ordinances requires constant monitoring and attention to issues that inevitably arise. This is the most work- and resource-intensive function of your SRA!


Membership / Communications

The Membership and Communications Group maintains the dialog between Members and the SRA Board, manages the website, publishes content for the blog and email newsletter, and coordinates with the Treasurer to insure that dues and renewals are up to date among the Membership.



The History Group of Service archivist maintains and updates the SRA archives with the rich history of the Mud Creek Valley. Love local history? This group could use your help!