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Land Use GROUP

Compliance Monitor: OPEN

The Land Use Group of Service monitors proposed development in the SRA area to promote responsible planning as designated by the city of Indianapolis. According to the recently updated Comprehensive Land Use Plan of Marion County, a large portion of the Mud Creek Valley has been designated “Rural or Estate Neighborhood” - thanks to the valuable input from SRA and the community to make that designation happen.

Flooding is an ongoing issue in the Mud Creek Valley

Flooding is an ongoing issue in the Mud Creek Valley

In addition, the Lawrence Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan is a valuable guide to our approach to land use monitoring and advocacy. It states in part that we should, within this critical area and to the greatest extent possible:

  • Protect the aquifer & our city’s drinking water

  • Protect the wetlands

  • Protect the woodlands

  • Keep development densities to no more than 1 unit per acre

  • Avoid soil erosion by minimally developing, if at all, the slopes of the Valley

  • Protect Mud Creek & its flood fringe

  • Preserve open space

  • Promote designated Urban Conservation

  • Closely scrutinize development

Our areas of focus regarding land use in the Mud Creek Valley include:

  • Storm water management

  • Poorly draining soils that can be unfavorable for development in certain areas

  • Encouraging successful and appropriate development rather than creating damage that is costly and difficult to repair

  • Sewer overflow controls

  • Flood mitigation

  • Protection of the Mud Creek Conservancy Land Trust Easement

  • Protecting Mud Creek and adjacent flood plain, flood fringe and wetland areas

This Group is actively seeking volunteers with expertise and interest in land use and zoning issues.
To learn more about our area conservation lands, please visit our friends and partners at Mud Creek Conservancy.