Sargent Road Association has several Groups of Service, focusing on important aspects of community improvement. Want to help? Volunteer to be a part of our advocacy work, and support us with your membership contributions!

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COORDINATOR: Tamara Hoffbauer

The Membership and Communications Group’s main focus is to encourage and facilitate two-way dialog between the SRA Board and Membership, to manage annual Membership Renewal Drives, and coordinate with other Groups and the SRA Board when communication needs arise.

Some of the duties and tasks of the Membership and Communications Group include:

  • Create and post content, news, and event notices on the SRA website

  • Publish and distribute the monthly newsletter via email

  • Create and post content on social media sites

  • Maintain communications and social media relationships with other local organizations

  • Maintain and update the Membership Roster and Database

  • Design and coordinate the annual direct mail membership renewal letter drive

  • Help guide and preserve the public-facing message of the SRA

This Group is actively seeking volunteers with expertise and interest in social media, web design, photography, and related topics.