Volunteer Opportunities with Sargent Road Association


The Sargent Road Association Board is looking for individuals who would like to participate in the important issues affecting our Neighborhoods.  Please explore our Groups of Service to learn how a few hours of your time each month, can make an important and lasting impact on our neighborhood. We are actively at work on the following:  

 Zoning Monitor:
The recent success in avoiding re-zoning of the "Greycoat Farm Estates" is just one example of the need for ongoing efforts to oppose inappropriate development. We need volunteers to monitor zoning issues in the Mud Creek Valley and to help the SRA communicate our positions regarding zoning to the community and the Zoning Board.

 Road Safety:
SRA Sponsored Traffic Officer Patrols (S.T.O.P.) are stopping drivers to encourage respect for our posted ordinances and are ticketing if necessary. SRA works hard to identify and address safety issues on our neighborhood roads such as speeding, brush removal, and more. A Road Safety Lead will help coordinate the work of Geist Patrol, identify areas of improvement, and work with the community and City to achieve the safest neighborhood possible.

 Litter Busters:
The entire length of Sargent Road is officially “adopted” by Sargent Road Association, and portions of 82nd Street are also maintained by SRA volunteers. Our volunteer Litter Busters regularly patrol the roads and sidewalks to help clean up debris before it becomes a problem. Once a year in Spring we all pitch in for the Annual Clean Up Day to give the length of Sargent Road a good Spring cleaning!

 Castleton Redevelopment:
We are coordinating local neighborhood association leadership to advocate for public input for the Castleton Strategic Revitalization Plan. This ongoing study will be collecting community feedback and presenting ideas to the City for possible adaption in the future to make our larger neighborhood a more vibrant and people-friendly area.

 Greenspace and Neighborhood Connectivity:
The SRA is partnering with public and private interests to promote more sidewalks and the creation of a dedicated park in the heart of the Mud Creek Valley. We also work closely with our friends at the Mud Creek Conservancy to encourage area land conservation and preservation of our natural assets.

To continue progress we need greater involvement from you! How can you help?
Choose a communication method Email, Facebook, or Contact Us to get in touch. Learn how a few hours of your time each month, can make an important and lasting impact on our neighborhood.