Drainage Abatement Work on Sargent Road

As discussed in detail at April's SRA Annual Meeting, the DPW is trying to address some of the drainage problems that continue to plague several areas along Sargent Road. It seems that Director Dan Parker took our requests for help to heart, and in addition to the work already underway at 75th and Sargent, they took some time to make drainage improvements just North of Lantern Road recently.

Director Parker indicated this is just an initial measure to help alleviate the water overflow that is often present on that section of the road, and in the future they would make a more lasting repair to the road surface itself. For now, we hope this bit of excavation will improve drainage in this area.

It's important and effective to keep an open dialog with our City departments in order to make sure neighborhood conditions are the best they can be - and that is exactly the kind of work that SRA is focused on! There's always more to do, but let's celebrate small wins and keep pressing forward.